BNB Rentals Inc. is a privately owned family business serving New York's tri-state area. We offer a variety of services to the trailer and trucking industry.

BNB was founded in 1991 by Michael Brennan and Arthur Bryant. In the early days BNB's focus was on trailer repairs. A modest sized repair shop was sufficient in servicing our customers. Soon thereafter, Mike and Artie siezed an opportunity in growing their business through trailer rentals. They offered fair competitive pricing for well maintained equipment. With hard work, determination, prompt service and quality repairs BNB continued to grow.

Today BNB repairs trailers and trucks in a large five bay drive through garage. We employ 13 full time mechanics to care for our own fleet as well as our valued customers. We currently have a large fleet of road trailers, which we lease out to trucking companies as well as fleet rental companies. We also provide trailers for storage purposes. We are proud to be serving the US Postal Service, Hub Leasing, Meyers Transport of N.Y., Federal Express, Nassau Worldwide Moving and Storage, Manhattan Beer Distributors, LLC and many others.

We are committed to providing our customers with quality and courteous service with fair competitive pricing. Along with our mechanical staff we have a General Manager, Fleet Safety Manager/Foreman, business development team and a full office staff to ensure this commitment.

= BAYSHORE, NY 11706 = PHONE: (631) 242-0050 = FAX: (631) 242-6229

BNB Rentals Inc. - Serving the New York, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut area.
Offering a variety of services to the trailer and trucking industry. Rental & Repairs